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History Skills Workshop

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The history faculty at the University of Oxford has recruited a number of 'graduate ambassadors' to help with outreach.  They have been trained to run 'history skills workshops' in which students discuss how to read and analyse an unfamiliar historical source.  The workshops will be based on Question 3 of the HAT but the skills involved will be valuable to all students taking A Level history.  We hope that schools will be willing to host workshops, ideally inviting pupils and teachers from other local schools as well.

We would like to run skills workshops based around the HAT Question 3 with the intention that one school would host, and invite some local schools, and the history faculty will then send a (trained) graduate student to come and talk through the q3 text with some interested students and possibly teachers.  If you think you might be interested in hosting one, then that would be great - please send some dates and we'll see who may be available.

We welcome enquiries from all UK schools but cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all enquiries.

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