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General enquiries

How much does the conference cost?

The conference is free to all attendees, both staff and students.

Can I bring Year 11s to this event?

No, these events are aimed specifically at students who have already completed their GCSEs and may be considering making an application in the next academic year. Capacity at the venues is limited and therefore we cannot grant places to Year 11 students, as this takes places away from Year 12 students to whom the information is more currently relevant.

Can parents attend the conference?

Sorry, but the number of places at each conference is limited and therefore only students and relevant staff may attend.

Are international students able to attend?

No. Please see the Oxford and Cambridge Undergraduate/Postgraduate study websites for information about open days running throughout the year.

What if one of the students listed is no longer attending?

We appreciate that there may be minor amendments to the names of students who attend the conference from when you made your booking. If a student for whom you originally reserved a place is no longer able to attend, you may substitute another student by returning to the Eventbrite booking system and amending the details. This should take place before the start of the event.

Do students need to be accompanied by a teacher at the events?

No, students can attend without a teacher but they must bring the e-ticket received by the teacher who made the booking with them in order to gain entry. If students are attending unaccompanied, please still register a 'Main Contact Teacher' ticket but select 'not attending'. Please note, Oxford and Cambridge universities are not responsible for students attending the conferences beyond our legal requirements as event organisers.

What’s available for teachers and HE advisors at the conferences?

We run a morning of dedicated sessions for teachers and HE advisors focusing on Oxford & Cambridge admissions. At most venues the timetable has been updated for 2019 and will include sessions on additional admissions requirements, personal statements, interviews, teacher references and generally supporting your students in applying to both universities. A draft timetable with further details will be available soon. 

The conference that I wish to attend is closed. Is there any way that I can get (extra) tickets for it?

We're afraid not. Once the conference has reached maximum capacity we are unable to take any more bookings. We have taken into account the fact that some people will be unable to attend on the day and have already allowed a certain amount of overbooking. Please consider booking at another venue or see the university websites for information on open days coming up at both institutions.

If I have made a provisional reservation can I make the final booking for more/fewer students than I have reserved places for?

As long as the event you wish to attend is still open and accepting bookings, you can book for more/fewer students than in your reservation, and there's no need to inform us. However, please delete any extra reserved places that have not been populated with full student details so they are returned into the system for others to use.  

Can I book for more than 25 students and five staff?

Unfortunately, you can only book for a maximum of 25 students and five teachers through Eventbrite. If you would like to book more than 25 places please download the Extra Place Request form from our Bookings tab, and return it to

Do you offer travel bursaries for schools to attend the events?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with travel costs incurred by schools to attend the Oxford & Cambridge Student Conferences. We hope that by bringing the events to locations closer to schools and colleges, this makes it significantly cheaper for schools and pupils to travel to these events, in comparison to organising individual visits to Oxford and Cambridge.

To find out more about other events offered by the University of Cambridge which offer travel bursaries, please visit the events tab on the undergraduate website. For more information about similar events offered at the University of Oxford, please visit their website.

Venue information

Is there disabled access at the events?

Yes. Please mention any access requirements or additional adjustments in the appropriate section of the booking form. Providing this information is with us no later than March 6th. We will endeavour to meet the reasonable adjustments that are required. Additionally contact the Student Conferences Team on 01223 765514 for further information about the venues.

Is there a venue risk assessment available?

Yes. Please see the planning your visit page for the relevant risk assessment.

How do I get to the venue?

Please see the planning your visit page for travel directions.

Will parking be available?

Please see further venue information on the planning your visit page.

On the day

What time do the events start?

Registration for all events (except Lisburn) will take place between 9.00-9.45am, with the first session starting promptly at 10.00am, except of Edinburgh and Swanea, where the first session will start promptly at 9.45am. At Lisburn, event registration will be between 9.00 - 9.20am, with the first session starting promptly at 9.30am. At all events, you must register upon arrival using your e-tickets at the registration desk. (These must be the updated tickets with full student details and NOT your reservation tickets)

What time do the events finish?

At most events, the last session will finish at 3.35pm. At Lisburn, the last session will finish at 3.00pm. Schools/colleges are encouraged to allow their students to stay for the duration of the event.  Please see event timetables on the planning your visit page for full event details and timings.

What information will be available on the day?

In addition to subject-specific information and guidance on the application process, you will be able to talk to current undergraduate students and get more information on student finance and careers.

Is there a dress code for the conference?

No. Students can wear what they wish to attend the conference.

Is there a lunch break?

No. A lunch break has not been scheduled into the programme. Students will need to determine when to take a break depending on their subject interests and the programme. We would recommend that students take their lunch break during sessions 3, 4 or 5, with the exception of Lisburn where students should take their lunch break during session 3 or 4.

Will food be available?

There are a small number of commercial catering outlets at the venue which have a limited range of refreshments available. Please note that some of the venues are isolated so refreshments are only available to buy from the conference venue, which will be charging commercial prices.

Please note, the catering facilities at Newcastle will close at 3.00pm.

I'm interested in a course which isn't on the timetable. Will the day still be useful?

There are a number of general sessions on the timetable where you can find out about student life, the application process, student finance and careers. In addition to this, Oxford and Cambridge students and admissions staff will be available throughout the day and will be happy to talk to you if you have any specific questions. If you are looking at a combined course there are likely to be related subject sessions which would be relevant and we would recommend attending these.

If you require any further information or encounter any problems whilst trying to book, or have any general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Conferences Team at the Cambridge Admissions Office on 01223 765514, or email